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B12, Time Tourist

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B12, Time Tourist CD cover artwork

B12, Time Tourist

Audio CD

Disk ID: 347759

Disk length: 56m 5s (10 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 1996

Label: Unknown

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“Time Tourist” Tracks & Durations

1. VOID-Comm 5:49
2. Infinite Lites (Primitives Mix) 5:21
3. Cymetry 5:58
4. Gimp 7:21
5. DB5 1:42
6. Phettt 5:52
7. Epilion 7:08
8. Scriptures 6:58
9. The Silicon Garden (Flymocut) 3:29
10. Radiophonic Workshop 6:20

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Like many British producers, B12's Mike Golding and Steve Rutter are obsessed with the music and mythology of Detroit. While their music draws primarily from European electronica, their sounds are unabashedly steeped in the rough textures and urban sci-fi concepts of the Motor City. On Time Tourists, the follow-up to 1993's acclaimed Electro-Soma, B12 show a more evolved and mature side of this aesthetic. Crystalline melodies reminiscent of Vangelis are pushed to the forefront, while a clattering background of percussion keeps time from a respectful distance. In keeping with the album's concept (time travel and retro-futurism), they project electronic music 200 years into the future, where all the gimmicks have worn thin and solid production reigns supreme. --Matthew Corwine

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B12 - Time Tourist

Tracks: 10, Disk length: 56m 6s (+0m 1s)