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Cranes, Loved

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Cranes, Loved CD cover artwork

Cranes, Loved

Audio CD

Disk ID: 693871

Disk length: 56m 25s (14 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 1994

Label: Unknown

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“Loved” Tracks & Durations

1. Shining Road 3:51
2. Pale Blue Sky 3:29
3. Reverie 4:01
4. Lilies 3:45
5. Are You Gone? 2:58
6. Loved 3:10
7. Beautiful Friend 3:14
8. Bewildered 4:22
9. Come This Far 4:11
10. Paris and Rome 6:04
11. In the Night 4:12
12. Shining Road (Brauer Mix) 3:52
13. Paris and Rome (Flood Mix) 5:14
14. Lilies (Flood Mix) 3:53

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James and Alison Shaw, the brother-sister songwriting team from Portsmouth, England that's best known as CRANES, are not without pretensions: They originally planned to make Loved a double album with half devoted to a musical interpretation of The Flies, the expressionist play by tortured French novelist Jean Paul Sartre. That plan was shelved (they had to settle for cover art by French painter Edgar Degas), and instead, their third album delivers 11 oddly seductive pop songs that mix brutally powerful drumming, a Cocteau Twins-like wall of shimmering guitars, and the lovable little-girl-on- helium vocals of Alison Shaw. --Jim DeRogatisLoved is a mysterious and artistic experience, effortlessly standing aside from prevailing music trends. The band's self-production skills continued to improve, evidenced by the sometimes elaborate arrangements; if the core of Cranes' music revolves around intentionally basic rhythms and melodies repeated as mantras, it's always been the focused delivery that puts everything together. BMG. 2005.

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Cranes - Loved

Tracks: 11 (-3 tracks), Disk length: 43m 23s (-14m 58s)