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Elwood, the parlance of our time

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Elwood, the parlance of our time CD cover artwork

Elwood, the parlance of our time

Audio CD

Disk ID: 1640117

Disk length: 41m 34s (10 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 2000

Label: Unknown

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“the parlance of our time” Tracks & Durations

1. Sundown 3:59
2. Slow 4:26
3. Red wagon 4:12
4. Picture of you 4:48
5. Forty five 4:29
6. Bush 2:45
7. Peaches 3:42
8. Dive 4:44
9. Love hook 4:37
10. Stockboy 3:46

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Every summer must have its requisite Beck-descended slow burner, and for summer 2000, a likely contender is Elwood's debut, The Parlance of Our Time. The opening track, a sure-fire remake of Gordon Lightfoot's "Sundown," augmented by a midtempo hip-hop groove and rapped verses, is a perfectly predictable top-down anthem. Prince Elwood Strickland is the third generation of Southern men, and his good ol' boy musical persona, a blend of laid-back attitude and self-importance, is fully embodied in the release. The album aims to please, yet its concerted effort to maintain a high coolness quotient comes off as contrived (think Everlast). That said, Elwood has extensive studio experience, having worked as an engineer on records by De La Soul, The The, Tricky, Mos Def, and Adam Yauch, and this experience is well employed. Jazz and soul elements are intelligently interspersed on these tracks, and the momentum throughout the disc builds into a diverse climax. The last three songs are a redeeming finale, incorporating relatively experimental electronica that utilize his studio skills to full effect. The attempted street cred combined with a Southern gentility results in an effort that is a bit too familiar, but Parlance will get plenty of hands wavin' in the air like they just don't care. It's a respectably disposable summer release with lots of promise for future, more enduring efforts. --Beth Massa

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Elwood - the parlance of our time

Tracks: 10, Disk length: 41m 33s (-1m 59s)