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Fred Gillen Jr., Nervous Laughter

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Fred Gillen Jr., Nervous Laughter CD cover artwork

Fred Gillen Jr., Nervous Laughter

Audio CD

Disk ID: 101121

Disk length: 58m 52s (16 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 2000

Label: Unknown

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“Nervous Laughter” Tracks & Durations

1. Plane Shot Down in A War 4:43
2. Whistle 3:37
3. Parking Lot Jesus 3:28
4. One Good Eye 3:38
5. 4 Cold Nails 4:15
6. Tired 3:02
7. Oxygen 4:30
8. Away 0:50
9. Fuck You Goodbye 3:10
10. Ballad Of A Man Who Married Badly 3:09
11. Uncomfortable 3:09
12. Last Look 4:30
13. Larger Than Life 4:35
14. At The Bluebird 4:36
15. Memories and Little Pleasures 4:03
16. Keep On Laughing so You Don't Cry 3:26

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This fourth full-length solo release by Fred Gillen Jr. was written, performed(all instruments played by,) produced, arranged, and engineered by Mr. Gillen in his "Sweatbox" 8-track studio in Peekskill, New York. For this release Gillen set out to not only showcase the quality songs and stunningly soulfull voice his fans have come to expect, but also to make a work which had the permanence of the records he grew up loving by artists like The Beatles, The Stones, or Led Zeppelin. He set out to make something which would be listened to over and over again; a CD so infectious its listeners would have to carry it with them when they left home, just in case they "needed" to hear it. He succeeded! This CD is addictive not only because of its amazing songs, but also because of its little details and quirks. This CD has a complex and endearing personality which draws the listener in and keeps him or her in. With 16 songs, it is Gillen's longest release to date, and includes such live show staples as "Plane Shot Down In A War" and "F*** You Goodbye." Buy it and listen to it enough so the cover gets torn and frayed and your mind anticipates the next song. It is that kind of CD.