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Frederic Chiu, Prokofiev Piano Music

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Frederic Chiu, Prokofiev Piano Music CD cover artwork

Frederic Chiu, Prokofiev Piano Music

Audio CD

Disk ID: 1604764

Disk length: 1h 7m 56s (33 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 2001

Label: Unknown

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“Prokofiev Piano Music” Tracks & Durations

1. Grandmother's Tales Op.31 -I- Moderato 2:08
2. Grandmother's Tales Op.31 -II- Andantino 1:41
3. Grandmother's Tales Op.31 -III- Andante assai 2:56
4. Grandmother's Tales Op.31 -IV- Sostenuto 3:05
5. Juvenilia -I- Presto 1:56
6. Juvenilia -II- Allegro in D Minor 1:48
7. Juvenilia -III- Lento in D minor 3:53
8. Music for Children Op.65 -I- Morning 1:41
9. Music for Children Op.65 -II- Promenade 1:19
10. Music for Children Op.65 -III- A Little Story 1:54
11. Music for Children Op.65 -IV- Tarantella 1:02
12. Music for Children Op.65 -V- Regrets 2:09
13. Music for Children Op.65 -VI- Waltz 1:19
14. Music for Children Op.65 -VII- March of the Grasshoppers 1:08
15. Music for Children Op.65 -VIII- The Rain and the Rainbow 1:24
16. Music for Children Op.65 -IX- Playing Tag 0:53
17. Music for Children Op.65 -X- March 1:13
18. Music for Children Op.65 -XI- Evening 2:31
19. Music for Children Op.65 -XII- The Moon Strolls in the Meadows 1:44
20. Ten Pieces Op.12 -I- March 1:41
21. Ten Pieces Op.12 -II- Gavotte 2:59
22. Ten Pieces Op.12 -III- Rigaudon 1:25
23. Ten Pieces Op.12 -IV- Mazurka 1:26
24. Ten Pieces Op.12 -V- Capriccio 3:17
25. Ten Pieces Op.12 -VI- Legend 2:47
26. Ten Pieces Op.12 -VII- Prelude 2:01
27. Ten Pieces Op.12 -VIII- Allemande 3:43
28. Ten Pieces Op.12 -IX- Humoresque Scherzo 2:30
29. Ten Pieces Op.12 -X- Scherzo 2:18
30. Juvenilia -IV- Tarantella in D minor 1:44
31. Juvenilia -V- Allegretto in C minor 0:55
32. Juvenilia -VI- Tempo di marcia 2:52
33. Juvenilia -VII- Scherzo in C major 2:20

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Frederic Chiu - Prokofiev Piano Music

Tracks: 36 (+3 tracks), Disk length: 60m 22s (-8m 26s)