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Funky Derrick, Boogie Dawn

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Funky Derrick, Boogie Dawn CD cover artwork

Funky Derrick, Boogie Dawn

Audio CD

Disk ID: 684854

Disk length: 1h 10m 47s (15 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 1998

Label: Unknown

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“Boogie Dawn” Tracks & Durations

1. Bang Liberation 3:31
2. Keep It Up 5:33
3. Thunder Funclic 5:30
4. Floppy Hi 2:03
5. Carage Lorrida 7:09
6. Strings Highway 2:45
7. Pump Up the Smoke 6:05
8. After Cream 2:03
9. Klaax 6:20
10. Block Alta 2:22
11. Atomic Kinki 5:17
12. Get Down 5:35
13. Statue Park 5:54
14. Pain in the Heart 6:19
15. Wave Direct 4:13

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French newcomer Mederic Nebinger, a.k.a. Funky Derrick, has come out of virtually nowhere with possibly the grooviest house record of the year. In the tradition of Daft Punk, Derrick borrows elements of Chicago house, Detroit techno, and New York garage to create a mélange of infectious 4/4 beats, disco loops, weird bleeps, and recycling rhythms. "Bang Liberation" and "Klaax" hit the techier side of the house persuasion with strange clangs and tweets that are reinforced by a driving backbeat foundation. Suppler, beautiful numbers such as "Keep It Up" (Featuring Nick Daniels) and "Atomik Kinki" take on a moodier disposition. After a proper shuffle in your living room to 15 tracks of unexpurgated carpet abuse, come down to the bonus After Boogie CD. It's not exactly meant for unwinding or for a dance-floor breather, as it indicates, but more electro-driven cuts, such as "Guru Park" and "My Kingdom for a Funky Beat," will take you deeper into the subconscious of the hedonistic disco dancer's mind--only with fewer amphetamine jitters. --Daniel Shumate