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Hypo, Random Veneziano

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Hypo, Random Veneziano CD cover artwork

Hypo, Random Veneziano

Audio CD

Disk ID: 18112

Disk length: 40m 42s (20 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 2004

Label: Unknown

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“Random Veneziano” Tracks & Durations

1. Led Banano 1:12
2. New World Menuet 2:24
3. Free Days 3:08
4. Serpentinouze 2:47
5. Mamabotutu 2:08
6. Relax Max MSP 3:02
7. The Pefect Kill 2:30
8. Rigoldrum 1:26
9. Do dDodar 0:48
10. Second Hand Kotva 1:42
11. Porn Potato 2:00
12. General Papa 1:26
13. Benny Björn Has Gone Forever 1:51
14. Instrumental (Vocal Version) 2:13
15. World Music 1:44
16. Rack Ham 1:08
17. Destino 2:52
18. The Lost Operette 2:14
19. Killed Banano (Disco Version) 2:09
20. Random Veneziano 1:47

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Introduced by the English label Spymania (Jamie Lidell, Squarepusher...) in 2001, Hypo, aka Anthony Keyeux from Paris/ France, followed his own playful-electro peregrinations releasing the "Jingles & singles EP" as well as the "Karaoke A Capella" album on Active Suspension in 2002. Nearly 2 years after its last opus, he comes back w/ another falsely heterogeneous collection of songs, for his 3rd real album "Random Veneziano", a hectic blend of bubble-gum pop bits, bedroom orchestra, messy glicks'n'cuts, noisy pop overtones, synthetic new wave waste, plunderphonic hijacking... Hypo twists and strangles pop music, proudly violating sacred boundaries and conventions. Far from today's overdose of technology, he keeps doing things his own way and develops genuine treasures of imagination with rather minimal means.

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Hypo - Random Veneziano

Tracks: 21 (+1 tracks), Disk length: 46m 6s (+5m 24s)