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Johnny Cash, Ride This Train

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Johnny Cash, Ride This Train CD cover artwork

Johnny Cash, Ride This Train

Audio CD

Disk ID: 1551765

Disk length: 42m 20s (12 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 1960

Label: Unknown

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“Ride This Train” Tracks & Durations

1. Loading Coal 4:59
2. Slow Rider 4:10
3. Lumberjack 3:03
4. Dorraine of Ponchartrain 4:46
5. Going to Memphis 4:22
6. When Papa Played the Dobro 2:54
7. Boss Jack 3:56
8. Old Doc Brown 4:14
9. Fable of Willie Brown 1:57
10. Second Honeymoon 1:57
11. Ballad of the Harpweaver 3:50
12. Smiling Bill McCall 2:06

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This concept album ranks with the most thematically ambitious of Johnny Cash's career, though the title's a little misleading. Instead of a collection of train songs (the sort featured in the Cash catalogue from "Hey Porter" to "Orange Blossom Special"), he alternates the spoken-word narrative of a rail trip that crosses the country (and cuts across centuries) with songs about the characters you might meet along the way. From a Kentucky coal miner ("Loading Coal") to an Oregon logger ("Lumberjack") to a convict on a Mississippi chain gang ("Going to Memphis"), Cash inhabits the various manifestations of what he calls "the heart and muscle of this land." In "Slow Rider" he combines the folk standard "I Ride an Old Paint" with the gunfighter legend of John Wesley Hardin. The reissue of this 1960 release adds four bonus tracks, story songs in a similar spirit but without the narration. --Don McLeese

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Johnny Cash - Ride This Train

Tracks: 12, Disk length: 44m 41s (+2m 21s)

Johnny Cash - Ride This Train

Tracks: 8 (-4 tracks), Disk length: 32m 29s (-10m 9s)

Johnny Cash - Ride This Train

Tracks: 8 (-4 tracks), Disk length: 30m 22s (-12m 2s)