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Kenny Rogers, Water & Bridges

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Kenny Rogers, Water & Bridges CD cover artwork

Kenny Rogers, Water & Bridges

Audio CD

Disk ID: 1577664

Disk length: 43m 27s (11 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 2006

Label: Unknown

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“Water & Bridges” Tracks & Durations

1. Water & Bridges 4:09
2. Someone Is Me 3:30
3. Someone Somewhere Tonight 5:18
4. I Can't Unlove You 3:24
5. Calling Me (feat. Don Henley) 3:59
6. Half A Man 3:18
7. I Can Feel You Drifting 3:51
8. The Last Ten Years (Superman) 3:42
9. You'll Know Love 4:13
10. My Petition 4:12
11. One Life 3:44

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Could Kenny Rogers be a continuous, viable presence on country radio today? Probably not. In 1999, "Buy Me a Rose" made him the oldest artist to reach #1 in the history of the country charts. And to the contemporary tattoo-and-tank-top record buyers, that rates the Gambler a great-grandfather--hey, maybe as old as Hank Williams, ya think? Nonetheless, Water and Bridges, his first studio effort in three years, is an impressive comeback. Produced by Dann Huff (Faith Hill, Keith Urban), who keeps the backing leaner than you might expect, the album spotlights a mature man looking back and surveying his life with clear-eyed honesty and more than a little regret. What strikes a listener most is both the quality of songs (by such veteran writers as Craig Wiseman, Annie Roboff, and Mike Reid) and how authentic and soulful Rogers seems throughout, particularly in dealing with the recurring theme of loss. Whether contemplating a long-ago abortion, a lifelong rift with a parent, or the tug of home--even when home is no longer there--Rogers always underplays the sentiment, adding weight to his pathos. "The Last 10 Years (Superman)" and "The Petition" seem a little too obvious and maudlin, but Huff and Rogers make up for it with the extraordinary "You'll Know Love," a sophisticated and anguished ballad of nearly paralyzing grief. Call it just one of many surprises on this album of unexpected and serious depth. --Alanna Nash

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Kenny Rogers - Water & Bridges

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Kenny Rogers - Water & Bridges

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