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Kevin Kern, Embracing the Wind

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Kevin Kern, Embracing the Wind CD cover artwork

Kevin Kern, Embracing the Wind

Audio CD

Disk ID: 1914727

Disk length: 47m 14s (10 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 2001

Label: Unknown

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“Embracing the Wind” Tracks & Durations

1. Blossom on the Wind 5:43
2. Through Your Eyes 3:49
3. Childhood Remembered 4:30
4. The Silence of Knowing 4:32
5. Above the Clouds 5:27
6. Bathed in Dawn's Light 5:11
7. From This Day Forward 4:51
8. A Secret Grove 5:15
9. Fantasia's Lullaby 3:45
10. A Gentle Whisper 4:03

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Kevin's Kern's fifth album, Embracing the Wind, is a collection of inspired emotional themes, deftly articulated through soft piano, warm rhythms, and acoustic guitar. The opening track, "Blossom on the Wind," begins with the gentle sound of a raindrop, a single note of stillness that sets the mood of this effort. For this particular work, Kern and producer Terence Yallop returned to the original source of their inspiration, the piano itself. With a tape continually running to capture each moment of expression, Kern and Yallop tapped into their own familiar wellspring of feeling, from the uplifting "Bathed in Dawn's Light," to the passionate "From This Day Forward," a piece that Kern composed for his fiancé in honor of their wedding day. While Embracing the Wind is a reflection of Kern's self-described "musical journey" through a myriad of influences, it maintains a classic simplicity of sound and arrangement built around a well-balanced framework of song structures. It's plain to see that he's grown considerably out of the first wobbling steps of New Age music into his own right as a composer and a pianist. Embracing the Wind is Kern's own acknowledgement of his coming-of-age as an artist, and like most things that get better with time, "Embracing the Wind" is to be savored slowly, appreciated newly again with each listen. --Leslie R. Marini"It might surprise his listeners to hear that Kevin also plays impassioned jazz, the classics, gorgeous Beatles arrangements, jams alongside anything that moves (recently it was Rio-flavored didgeridoo) and he spontaneously creates melodies from images I offer him in a darkened recording studio -- with the tape running. Like the wind that can churn an ocean, uproot trees and yet be gentle enough to carry pollen on a summer breeze, Kevin has many faces. It has been my profound pleasure to work with and learn from him at the very source of his creative process. He has a love, a passion and a discipline for his craft that is truly inspiring. On Embracing the Wind, Kevin's fifth album, he welcomes some new influences to his musical palette. I know you will enjoy them". ~ Terence Yallop, President, Real Music

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Kevin Kern - Embracing the Wind

Tracks: 10, Disk length: 47m 15s (+0m 1s)

Kevin Kern - Embracing the Wind

Tracks: 11 (+1 tracks), Disk length: 50m 9s (+2m 55s)