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Louis Armstrong, Satchmo the Great

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Louis Armstrong, Satchmo the Great CD cover artwork

Louis Armstrong, Satchmo the Great

Audio CD

Disk ID: 212955

Disk length: 1h 3m 24s (26 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 1957

Label: Unknown

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“Satchmo the Great” Tracks & Durations

1. Edward R. Murrow, Introduction 0:25
2. When It's Sleepy Time Down South 3:27
3. Edward R. Murrow, Narration 01 0:19
4. (Back Home Again In) Indiana 3:50
5. Edward R. Murrow, Narration 02 0:52
6. Paris Interview 7:00
7. Flee As A Bird To The Mountain 1:15
8. Edward R. Murrow, Narration 03 0:13
9. Louis Armstrong On New Orleans Funeral Music 1:44
10. Oh, Didn't He Ramble 1:15
11. Edward R. Murrow, Narration 04 0:17
12. Mack The Knife 3:58
13. Edward R. Murrow, Narration 05 0:24
14. Louis Armstrong On King George VI 0:09
15. Mahogany Hall Stomp 3:50
16. Edward R. Murrow, Narration 06 0:45
17. Sly Mongoose 3:02
18. (What Did I Do To Be So) Black And Blue 2:36
19. Edward R. Murrow, Narration 07 0:45
20. Louis Armstrong On Playing With Joe Oliver 0:37
21. Edward R. Murrow, Narration 08 0:43
22. St. Louis Blues (Concerto Grosso)10:26
23. Edward R. Murrow, Narration 09 1:28
24. Royal Garden Blues (bonus) 4:57
25. Bucket's Got A Hole In It (bonus) 5:20
26. End Credits, On The Sunny Side Of The Street (live) 3:33

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Drawn from the 1956 film devoted to Armstrong's life and music, this CD includes recordings from his world travels of 1955-56, as well as excerpts from an interview with narrator Edward R. Murrow. It's a fascinating document, in part, of course, for Armstrong's still wondrous abilities and unique personality, but also for the way in which it presents him in the context of the 1950s. He recalls his most enduring memories of fellow musicians, and there are some sparkling performances with the All-Stars, ranging from ancient New Orleans themes to his unique treatment of "Mack the Knife." Perhaps most striking, though, is a 12-minute version of "St. Louis Blues," rendered as a concerto grosso at New York's Lewisohn Stadium with Leonard Bernstein conducting an 88-piece orchestra. It's a telling symbol, if one were needed, of how far Armstrong and jazz had traveled from his boyhood. What's remarkable, though, is that his musical genius could still sparkle amid the pretensions to high culture. --Stuart Broomer

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Louis Armstrong - Satchmo The Great

Tracks: 18 (-8 tracks), Disk length: 1h 5m 15s (+1m 51s)

Louis Armstrong - Satchmo the Great

Tracks: 10 (-16 tracks), Disk length: 48m 41s (-15m 17s)

Louis Armstrong - Satchmo the Great

Tracks: 10 (-16 tracks), Disk length: 48m 41s (-15m 17s)