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Mercury Rev, The Secret Migration

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Mercury Rev, The Secret Migration CD cover artwork

Mercury Rev, The Secret Migration

Audio CD

Disk ID: 1418457

Disk length: 39m 42s (13 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 2005

Label: Unknown

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“The Secret Migration” Tracks & Durations

1. - 01 - Secret For A Song 4:00
2. - 02 - across yer ocean(1) 3:20
3. - 03 - Diamonds 3:51
4. - 04 - Black Forest (Lorelei) 4:46
5. - 05 - Vermillion 4:07
6. - 06 - In The Wilderness 2:32
7. - 07 - In A Funny Way(1) 4:02
8. - 08 - Moving On 1:20
9. - 09 - Moving On(1) 1:20
10. - 10 - The Climbing Rose 3:19
11. - 11 - arise 3:49
12. - 12 - Down Poured The Heavens 1:35
13. - 13 - down poured the heavens 1:35

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Mercury Rev's sixth album Secret Migration is a high flying psychedelic concept record filled with paeans to Mother Nature. Singer Jonathan Donahue has never been so in touch with his inner hobbit as he is here. Dave Fridmann remains the band's producer, which is excellent as he's the most interesting part of the band, and a great deal of the reason that the band's best album, `98's Deserter's Songs, is as good as it is. M. Rev has never been a wildly original band--they've been aesthetically joined-at-the-hip with the Flaming Lips for much of their career, and "Diamonds" almost sounds like a parody of Wayne Coyne and crew. But there's something beguiling about the band, a childlike simplicity that runs through their modern-day prog anthems. On "My Love," Donahue sings "Ain't it amazing when the seasons begin to change/Someone behind the scenes just seems pull some strings," and as daft as that sounds, well, he's right! As ecological stoner anthems go, these are righteous. --Mike McGonigal

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Mercury Rev - The Secret Migration

Tracks: 13, Disk length: 44m 33s (+4m 51s)

Mercury Rev - The Secret Migration

Tracks: 13, Disk length: 44m 35s (+4m 53s)

Mercury Rev - The Secret Migration

Tracks: 13, Disk length: 44m 54s (+5m 12s)

Mercury Rev - The Secret Migration

Tracks: 14 (+1 tracks), Disk length: 48m 16s (+8m 34s)