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Nyasaland (Tonga, Tumbuka, Cewa peoples), Northern and Central Malawi

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Nyasaland (Tonga, Tumbuka, Cewa peoples), Northern and Central Malawi CD cover artwork

Nyasaland (Tonga, Tumbuka, Cewa peoples), Northern and Central Malawi

Audio CD

Disk ID: 107807

Disk length: 1h 7m 18s (25 Tracks)

Original Release Date: Unknown

Label: Unknown

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“Northern and Central Malawi” Tracks & Durations

1. Peoples 2:42
2. Hurch of Scotland, Bandawe Mission, Tonga people 2:50
3. Ulties of Nyasaland', Tonga people 2:49
4. Ndalama Ndi Satana, 'Money is the devil', Tonga people 2:40
5. Ndaluza Ine, 'I have lost', Tonga people 2:46
6. Ani Sibani Nimakuba, 'My great friend', Tonga people 2:49
7. Mbuka people 1:27
8. F it is meat, come eat with me', Tumbuka people 2:17
9. Er', Tumbuka people 3:01
10. Es crowd), Tumbuka people 2:48
11. Way to your other wife, I dont want you', Tumbuka people 3:11
12. Tumbuka people 2:46
13. Ndipeko Kayuni Karimbula, 'Let me feed the hungry bird', Tumbuka people 2:55
14. Ce, Cewa people 2:53
15. , Cewa boys 2:56
16. Misozi, 'Tears', Women's lament, Cewa women 2:37
17. (clan name)', Cewa matrilineal society etiquette 2:01
18. Tumbuka Ku Kaya, Tumbuka people, song about home, Tumbuka people 2:49
19. Nyamhoni oweha (no apparent meaning), Cewa people 2:58
20. Lata, Okoma sakwatana, Cewa people 4:22
21. Your waist has no beads to symbolise wealth', urban music, Cewa people 2:48
22. Men's masked dance 2:41
23. Military euro-accented, Cewa people 2:53
24. Es', Cewa people 1:41
25. Y of 12, Cewa people 1:26

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