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Pitchshifter, Deviant

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Pitchshifter, Deviant CD cover artwork

Pitchshifter, Deviant

Audio CD

Disk ID: 1189321

Disk length: 1h 2m 16s (18 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 2000

Label: Unknown

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“Deviant” Tracks & Durations

1. Condescension 3:11
2. Wafter Thin 3:31
3. Keep It Clean 3:49
4. Forget The Facts 3:16
5. Hidden Agenda 4:15
6. Scene This 3:52
7. Dead Battery 3:44
8. As Seen On T.V. 2:53
9. Everything's Fucked 4:26
10. Chump Change 3:45
11. Stronger 3:38
12. P.S.I. Cological 3:04
13. Secret Song 1:01
14. Please Sir (live) 4:02
15. Un-United Kingdom (live) 4:05
16. Kerosene 2:42
17. Placebo - Taste In Men 3:56
18. Slipknot - Snap 2:54

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Japanese version of the alternative rock act's 2000 release with 2 exclusive bonus tracks 'Voted Least Likely To Succeed' and a Big Black cover, 'Kerosene'. Also included is a multimedia component which includes a Quicktime movie for the track, 'Hidden Agenda', free screen saver program, audio samples and a link to Pitchshifter's official website. Standard jewel case.Japanese Version featuring Two Bonus Tracks: 'Least Likely to Succeed'& 'Kerosene'.

Other Versions

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Pitchshifter - Deviant

Tracks: 13 (-5 tracks), Disk length: 60m 31s (-2m 15s)

Pitchshifter - Deviant

Tracks: 15 (-3 tracks), Disk length: 1h 8m 5s (+5m 49s)

Pitchshifter - Deviant

Tracks: 12 (-6 tracks), Disk length: 45m 6s (-18m 50s)

Pitchshifter - Deviant

Tracks: 12 (-6 tracks), Disk length: 44m 35s (-18m 19s)