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Tito Puente, Night Beat

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Tito Puente, Night Beat CD cover artwork

Tito Puente, Night Beat

Audio CD

Disk ID: 230196

Disk length: 36m 55s (11 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 1957

Label: Unknown

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“Night Beat” Tracks & Durations

1. Night Beat 2:57
2. Mambo Beat 4:10
3. Sea Breeze 3:22
4. Emerald Beach 3:32
5. The Late, Late Scene 2:53
6. Carioca 2:17
7. Night Ritual 7:15
8. Malibu Beat 2:29
9. Flying Down to Rio 2:29
10. Night Hawk 2:32
11. Live a Little 2:51

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In 1957, timbalero Tito Puente's push for Latin beats in jazz was in agreement with many of the bebop community's ideas on complex rhythms being ideal for their music. Rather than go for bop, though, Puente went--as here on Night Beat--for a charging, swinging sound that featured tight horn-ensemble work and compact solos. Puente and a trio of percussionists--including Ramon "Mongo" Santamaria--lay down a bustling groove, expanding the performances in a quilt-like fashion. The band shines when Puente is pounding out his beats and lays back when Puente plays the vibraphone on more lush, faux exotica tunes (like "Sea Breeze"). One of the charms of this set is its sound, which remains high in quality throughout. Puente's made lots of dates where he's drummed more furiously, but this session finely balances both his and the band's huge talents. Recognize that trumpeter? It's Carl "Doc" Severinsen. --Andrew Bartlett

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Tito Puente - Night Beat

Tracks: 26 (+15 tracks), Disk length: 1h 17m 40s (+40m 45s)