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Whatnauts, The Definitive Collection

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Whatnauts, The Definitive Collection CD cover artwork

Whatnauts, The Definitive Collection

Audio CD

Disk ID: 211932

Disk length: 1h 2m 5s (19 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 1996

Label: Unknown

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“The Definitive Collection” Tracks & Durations

1. I just can't lose your love 3:40
2. Tweedly dum dum 3:13
3. She's gone to another 2:07
4. What's left to give(after giving it all) 3:39
5. Fall in love all over 2:29
6. Just can't leave my baby 3:09
7. I'll erase away your pain 3:11
8. Please make the love go away 3:13
9. Souling with the Whatnauts 1:56
10. Dance to the music 2:41
11. Message from a Black Man 2:47
12. You forgot too easy 3:23
13. Heads up 3:39
14. Hurry up and wait 4:05
15. I'm so glad I found you 3:15
16. Only people can save the world 4:36
17. Blues fly away 2:44
18. Why can people be colors too? 4:52
19. Ooh baby baby 3:10

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Whatnauts - The Definitive Collection

Tracks: 19, Disk length: 1h 2m 5s