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Yanni, The Very Best of Yanni

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Yanni, The Very Best of Yanni CD cover artwork

Yanni, The Very Best of Yanni

Audio CD

Disk ID: 1755241

Disk length: 1h 14m 53s (16 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 2000

Label: Unknown

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“The Very Best of Yanni” Tracks & Durations

1. Aria 4:01
2. Looking Glass 6:39
3. In The Morning Light 3:50
4. Marching Season 5:37
5. Swept Away 5:08
6. One Man's Dream 2:45
7. The Mermaid 3:48
8. To The One Who Knows 5:39
9. Santorini 4:35
10. Acroyali 5:03
11. In The Mirror 4:07
12. Someday 4:35
13. Flight Of Fantasy 5:40
14. The End Of August 4:49
15. The Rain Must Fall 4:39
16. Face In The Photography 3:48

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Here's the scoop on this disc: it is a fine and satisfying survey of the years that Yanni spent while under contract to a major record conglomerate, BMG. It evenly samples different stages of the keyboardist's work from 1986 to 1994 (his thunderous early phase and his romantic-icon period of the early 1990s) and attractively groups some of his most memorable works in a single package (though by shifting back and forth between eras, the pacing at times is uneven). For a Yanni newcomer, this is a good introductory sampler of a major and worthwhile New Age artist. Just realize this: Yanni had nothing to do with this compilation. Nor has he had any involvement with any of the additional five samplers the company has rushed to market since Yanni jumped to another label in 1997. --Terry Wood

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Yanni - The Very Best of Yanni

Tracks: 16, Disk length: 1h 14m 45s (-1m 52s)

Yanni - The Very Best of Yanni

Tracks: 16, Disk length: 1h 14m 45s (-1m 52s)

Yanni - The Very Best of Yanni

Tracks: 16, Disk length: 1h 16m 6s (+1m 13s)