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Here is a list of all Classical albums, compilations and their versions that real people posted to various public data sources.

Albums 1 - 101 of about 101

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Classical - 100 Great Musical Moments (Disc 3)

Tracks: 34, Disk length: 56m 22s

Classical - 200 Klassikere CD 1

Tracks: 19, Disk length: 1h 18m 22s

Classical - 200 Klassikere CD 2

Tracks: 18, Disk length: 1h 17m 36s

Classical - 200 Klassikere CD 5

Tracks: 22, Disk length: 1h 18m 32s

Classical - 200 klassikere CD 3

Tracks: 18, Disk length: 1h 17m 8s

Classical - 200 klassikere CD 4

Tracks: 22, Disk length: 1h 16m 58s

Classical - 25 Classical Favorites

Tracks: 25, Disk length: 1h 16m 59s

Classical - A Baroque Festival

Tracks: 7, Disk length: 60m 56s

Classical - A Festival Of Baroque

Tracks: 21, Disk length: 1h 7m 23s

Classical - A Treasury of Golden Classics - Vol 7

Tracks: 18, Disk length: 59m 14s

Classical - All Time Favorite Classics Volume II

Tracks: 25, Disk length: 1h 14m 5s

Classical - An Evening With BeetHoven

Tracks: 8, Disk length: 51m 26s

Classical - Apassionata

Tracks: 8, Disk length: 1h 4m 40s

Classical - Baby's First Guitar Music

Tracks: 12, Disk length: 56m 35s

Classical - Bach - Famous Organ Works

Tracks: 11, Disk length: 1h 4m 49s

Classical - Baroque Collection 1

Tracks: 13, Disk length: 1h 4m 54s

Classical - Baroque Collection 10

Tracks: 16, Disk length: 1h 3m 42s

Classical - Baroque Collection 2

Tracks: 12, Disk length: 1h 8m 4s

Classical - Baroque Collection 4

Tracks: 18, Disk length: 1h 9m 37s

Classical - Baroque Collection 5

Tracks: 18, Disk length: 1h 9m 38s

Classical - Baroque Collection 6

Tracks: 14, Disk length: 1h 6m 24s

Classical - Baroque Collection 7

Tracks: 22, Disk length: 1h 7m 45s

Classical - Baroque Collection 8

Tracks: 16, Disk length: 1h 12m 11s

Classical - Baroque Collection 9

Tracks: 11, Disk length: 1h 3m 27s

Classical - Baroque Masterpieces

Tracks: 20, Disk length: 1h 8m 20s

Classical - CD

Tracks: 10, Disk length: 1h 4m 51s

Classical - Cinema Classics (Disc 2)

Tracks: 13, Disk length: 1h 13m 38s

Classical - Classic Violin Disc 1

Tracks: 7, Disk length: 1h 5m 26s

Classical - Classic Violin Disc 2

Tracks: 13, Disk length: 1h 4m 51s

Classical - Classical Celebration

Tracks: 17, Disk length: 1h 19m 14s

Classical - Classical Love Collection Volume 2

Tracks: 8, Disk length: 51m 25s

Classical - Classical Melodies Vol 2

Tracks: 18, Disk length: 1h 2m 5s

Classical - Classics by Candelight Vol 2

Tracks: 10, Disk length: 1h 3m

Classical - Classics by Candlelight Vol 1

Tracks: 14, Disk length: 1h 3m 29s

Classical - Classics for the Millions

Tracks: 19, Disk length: 1h 18m 39s

Classical - Dance and Ballet

Tracks: 13, Disk length: 1h 10m 9s

Classical - Essential Classics

Tracks: 15, Disk length: 54m 34s

Classical - Famous Overtures Vol 1

Tracks: 8, Disk length: 1h 4m 2s

Classical - Famous Overtures Vol 2

Tracks: 7, Disk length: 1h 1m 2s

Classical - First Classics Vol 3, CD 2

Tracks: 12, Disk length: 1h 8m 6s

Classical - Guitar Favorites

Tracks: 10, Disk length: 43m

Classical - HMV Sampler (CD 3)

Tracks: 17, Disk length: 1h 12m 8s

Classical - Karneval der Tiere (Klassik für Kinder)

Tracks: 21, Disk length: 1h 11m 42s

Classical - Love Letters from Sophia

Tracks: 21, Disk length: 58m 51s

Classical - Maestro Sampler

Tracks: 10, Disk length: 1h 5m 29s

Classical - March Classics Vol 1

Tracks: 15, Disk length: 1h 5m 37s

Classical - Mediterranean

Tracks: 7, Disk length: 1h 12m 27s

Classical - Opera Highlights

Tracks: 15, Disk length: 1h 5m 30s

Classical - Panpipe Moods

Tracks: 16, Disk length: 1h 8m 54s

Classical - Playtime

Tracks: 13, Disk length: 1h 10m 23s

Classical - Pure Classical Moods: Power

Tracks: 12, Disk length: 1h 16m 53s

Classical - Pure classical moods- Dreams

Tracks: 12, Disk length: 1h 12m 7s

Classical - Rachmaninoff Plays Rachmaninoff

Tracks: 10, Disk length: 58m 6s

Classical - Rainy Day Classics

Tracks: 11, Disk length: 1h 3m 17s

Classical - Rainy Day Classics

Tracks: 11, Disk length: 1h 2m 11s

Classical - Ravel

Tracks: 13, Disk length: 1h 8m

Classical - Relaxing classical Piano

Tracks: 15, Disk length: 1h 10m 45s

Classical - Sabre Dance - Various Russian Composers

Tracks: 12, Disk length: 1h 8m 4s

Classical - Smart Symphonies

Tracks: 13, Disk length: 47m 56s

Classical - Strauss - Festival Vol 1

Tracks: 10, Disk length: 48m 34s

Classical - Strauss - Waltzes

Tracks: 8, Disk length: 1h 9m 36s

Classical - Surround Yourself In Classics (CD10)

Tracks: 6, Disk length: 1h 4m 13s

Classical - Symphonies - The Greatest Hits Disc 1

Tracks: 9, Disk length: 1h 15m 24s

Classical - Tchaikovsky

Tracks: 7, Disk length: 60m 19s

Classical - The Best Of Bach

Tracks: 11, Disk length: 51m 49s

Classical - The Best Of Mozart

Tracks: 10, Disk length: 1h 4m 9s

Classical - The Best of Brahms

Tracks: 11, Disk length: 1h 12m 32s

Classical - The Best of Romance of the Spanish Guitar

Tracks: 13, Disk length: 1h 6m 21s

Classical - The Four seasons CD2

Tracks: 16, Disk length: 1h 5m 48s

Classical - The Sound of Classic FM - Disc 1

Tracks: 10, Disk length: 1h 3m 50s

Classical - The Sound of Classical FM - Disc 2

Tracks: 10, Disk length: 1h 9m 32s

Classical - The Very Best Relaxing Classics

Tracks: 18, Disk length: 1h 11m 18s

Classical - The Wedding Album From Bride To Be

Tracks: 15, Disk length: 1h 7m 49s

Classical - The World's Greatest Masterpieces

Tracks: 10, Disk length: 1h 16m 6s

Classical - Top 100 Masterpieces Vol. 7 (1854-1866)

Tracks: 10, Disk length: 1h 1m 10s

Classical - Twenty Classical Christmas Favorites

Tracks: 20, Disk length: 54m 52s

Classical - Ultra-Relaxing Piano

Tracks: 10, Disk length: 1h 10m 21s

Classical - UltraSound

Tracks: 17, Disk length: 1h 16m 41s

Classical - Waltz

Tracks: 14, Disk length: 1h 8m 13s

Classical - Waltz Collection

Tracks: 8, Disk length: 39m 7s

Classical - Wendding Songs

Tracks: 10, Disk length: 50m 1s

Classical - Wonderful Classical Violin

Tracks: 7, Disk length: 1h 6m 41s

Classical - World Famous Masterpieces

Tracks: 16, Disk length: 1h 6m 2s

Classical - World's Greatest Overtures

Tracks: 8, Disk length: 1h 3m 43s

Classical - ¡Viva la Zarzuel

Tracks: 17, Disk length: 1h 10m 27s

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