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Here is a list of all Elvis presley albums, compilations and their versions that real people posted to various public data sources.

Albums 1 - 101 of about 108

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Elvis presley - 30 #1 Hits

Tracks: 30, Disk length: 1h 17m 54s

Elvis presley - 60 million tv viewrs

Tracks: 14, Disk length: 1h 7m 26s

Elvis presley - 71 summer festival

Tracks: 19, Disk length: 48m 45s

Elvis presley - 71 summer festival vol2

Tracks: 21, Disk length: 57m 16s

Elvis presley - A Day In Duluth

Tracks: 27, Disk length: 1h 11m 48s

Elvis presley - A May Day in Baltimore CD1

Tracks: 14, Disk length: 45m 47s

Elvis presley - A May Day in Baltimore CD2

Tracks: 22, Disk length: 40m 51s

Elvis presley - A Mi Manera

Tracks: 20, Disk length: 1h 8m 16s

Elvis presley - A PAIR OF BOOTS

Tracks: 31, Disk length: 1h 18m 7s

Elvis presley - All gut in colledge park

Tracks: 16, Disk length: 53m 44s

Elvis presley - Always on my mind

Tracks: 3, Disk length: 40m 42s

Elvis presley - America the beautiful

Tracks: 24, Disk length: 1h 5m 26s

Elvis presley - An Outstanding jam session - Unplugged

Tracks: 20, Disk length: 1h 2m 20s

Elvis presley - Arkensaw Asembly

Tracks: 32, Disk length: 1h 10m 21s

Elvis presley - Black diamond cd1

Tracks: 20, Disk length: 59m 53s

Elvis presley - Black diamond cd2

Tracks: 19, Disk length: 52m 22s

Elvis presley - Blue Rainbow - CD 2

Tracks: 13, Disk length: 33m 33s

Elvis presley - Blue rainbow cd1

Tracks: 18, Disk length: 44m 43s

Elvis presley - Broken finger

Tracks: 21, Disk length: 1h 12m 56s

Elvis presley - Desert storm cd1

Tracks: 13, Disk length: 44m 52s

Elvis presley - Double dynamite disk1

Tracks: 15, Disk length: 46m 11s

Elvis presley - Dragon Attack In Detroit

Tracks: 25, Disk length: 57m 36s

Elvis presley - Elvis '70 bringing him back

Tracks: 17, Disk length: 53m 52s

Elvis presley - Elvis meets presley

Tracks: 19, Disk length: 60m 55s

Elvis presley - Elvis on tour polk salad annie

Tracks: 33, Disk length: 1h 19m 6s

Elvis presley - Elvis through the years volume 16

Tracks: 18, Disk length: 37m 49s

Elvis presley - Elvis-mania

Tracks: 21, Disk length: 56m 4s

Elvis presley - Expaned elvis

Tracks: 21, Disk length: 60m 53s

Elvis presley - Fever Pitch

Tracks: 9, Disk length: 29m 28s

Elvis presley - Finding the way home cd 1

Tracks: 13, Disk length: 58m 26s

Elvis presley - Fly Trouble

Tracks: 25, Disk length: 57m 46s

Elvis presley - Frogs pigs and dogs

Tracks: 21, Disk length: 49m 55s

Elvis presley - From sunset blvd to paradise road cd-2

Tracks: 25, Disk length: 1h 14m 27s

Elvis presley - Getting down to business

Tracks: 20, Disk length: 52m 30s

Elvis presley - Goldene Serie

Tracks: 12, Disk length: 28m 56s

Elvis presley - Goodbye memphis cd - 2

Tracks: 25, Disk length: 1h 13m 46s

Elvis presley - Greetings from germany

Tracks: 26, Disk length: 56m 21s

Elvis presley - Grundorf elvis presley

Tracks: 28, Disk length: 1h 13m 56s

Elvis presley - HAMPTON ON FIRE

Tracks: 23, Disk length: 56m 18s

Elvis presley - Hang loose

Tracks: 15, Disk length: 42m 35s

Elvis presley - Harum Scarum [FTD]

Tracks: 25, Disk length: 1h 6m 18s

Elvis presley - Hot august night-

Tracks: 18, Disk length: 1h 3m 54s

Elvis presley - I beg of you

Tracks: 29, Disk length: 1h 11m 44s

Elvis presley - I'll remember you

Tracks: 26, Disk length: 58m 18s

Elvis presley - If You talk In You Sleep

Tracks: 21, Disk length: 60m 21s

Elvis presley - It's midnight in vegas

Tracks: 25, Disk length: 1h 15m 30s

Elvis presley - Kiss me quick little sister

Tracks: 21, Disk length: 1h 16m 49s

Elvis presley - Live And Unleashe

Tracks: 41, Disk length: 1h 14m 33s

Elvis presley - Live In Detroit

Tracks: 30, Disk length: 1h 7m 49s

Elvis presley - Live in johnson city

Tracks: 27, Disk length: 1h 2m 28s

Elvis presley - Live in seatlle

Tracks: 25, Disk length: 1h 1m 55s

Elvis presley - Long lonely highway

Tracks: 22, Disk length: 56m 29s

Elvis presley - Lost on tour

Tracks: 18, Disk length: 50m 55s

Elvis presley - Love me tender

Tracks: 17, Disk length: 42m 58s

Elvis presley - MM Velvet Elvis 27

Tracks: 15, Disk length: 36m 56s

Elvis presley - Mahalo from Elvis

Tracks: 10, Disk length: 25m 4s

Elvis presley - Make The World Go Away

Tracks: 19, Disk length: 1h 5m 1s

Elvis presley - Mm music maestro

Tracks: 15, Disk length: 42m 55s

Elvis presley - Mm music maestro

Tracks: 15, Disk length: 47m 24s

Elvis presley - Mm music maestro

Tracks: 15, Disk length: 46m 2s

Elvis presley - More pure elvis the lost album

Tracks: 12, Disk length: 39m 41s

Elvis presley - My its been a long long time

Tracks: 30, Disk length: 1h 14m 33s

Elvis presley - Oakland - Nov 10 1970

Tracks: 20, Disk length: 52m 1s

Elvis presley - Original Film Music Volume 7

Tracks: 41, Disk length: 1h 17m 34s

Elvis presley - Original film music vol 8

Tracks: 31, Disk length: 1h 11m

Elvis presley - Pb75

Tracks: 18, Disk length: 44m 18s

Elvis presley - Power of Zazham

Tracks: 27, Disk length: 60m 20s

Elvis presley - R & b

Tracks: 20, Disk length: 54m 17s

Elvis presley - Raised on rock

Tracks: 10, Disk length: 29m 14s

Elvis presley - Return of the tiger man vol 3

Tracks: 21, Disk length: 1h 7m 55s

Elvis presley - Ripping it up in st.paul

Tracks: 17, Disk length: 1h 3m 18s

Elvis presley - Rocki tonight cd 2

Tracks: 28, Disk length: 1h 19m 23s

Elvis presley - Run on

Tracks: 24, Disk length: 1h 10m 25s

Elvis presley - Saginaw Heat

Tracks: 28, Disk length: 1h 13m 6s

Elvis presley - Seasons Greetings From Vegas

Tracks: 26, Disk length: 1h 10m 15s

Elvis presley - Seasons Greetings From Vegas

Tracks: 26, Disk length: 1h 10m 15s

Elvis presley - Snow Bird

Tracks: 18, Disk length: 39m 33s

Elvis presley - Spinout (ftd)

Tracks: 25, Disk length: 1h 10m 39s

Elvis presley - Super Hour In Dayton

Tracks: 22, Disk length: 55m 31s

Elvis presley - Surrender Studio Sessions

Tracks: 27, Disk length: 1h 4m 35s

Elvis presley - Talk about Fast Movin'

Tracks: 25, Disk length: 1h 2m 45s

Elvis presley - The Impossible Dream [FTD]

Tracks: 25, Disk length: 60m 43s

Elvis presley - The Man In White Vol 4

Tracks: 20, Disk length: 55m 51s

Elvis presley - The elvis remixes vol 3

Tracks: 8, Disk length: 42m 8s

Elvis presley - The greensboro concert

Tracks: 22, Disk length: 1h 2m 20s

Elvis presley - The live outakes (soundboard edition)

Tracks: 22, Disk length: 1h 10m 45s

Elvis presley - The today sessions

Tracks: 20, Disk length: 1h 10m 29s

Elvis presley - The way it was

Tracks: 25, Disk length: 1h 16m 7s

Elvis presley - Through the years volume 15

Tracks: 18, Disk length: 42m 2s

Elvis presley - Too much monkey business

Tracks: 20, Disk length: 1h 2m 34s

Elvis presley - Trax from the stax cd1

Tracks: 24, Disk length: 1h 8m 53s

Elvis presley - Ultimate Gospel [FTD]

Tracks: 24, Disk length: 1h 3m 58s

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