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Linde, Ragossnig, Ros, Scheidegger, English Recorder Music CD cover artwork

Linde, Ragossnig, Ros, Scheidegger, English Recorder Music

Audio CD

Disk ID: 1945947

Disk length: 59m 13s (35 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 1988

Label: Unknown

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Tracks & Durations

1. The Division flute -Greensleeves to a Ground 4:30
2. The Division flute -Faronel's Ground 4:48
3. The Division flute -A Division to a Ground 2:39
4. Fitzwilliam Virginal book -Callino Casturame 2:06
5. Fitzwilliam Virginal book -The Old Spagnoletta 1:25
6. Fitzwilliam Virginal book -The Fall of the Leaf 1:39
7. Fitzwilliam Virginal book -Tower Hill 1:17
8. Fitzwilliam Virginal book -A Gigge (Dr. Boll's my selfe) 0:54
9. The Dancing Master -Never love thee more 0:44
10. The Dancing Master -Hole in the wall 1:00
11. The Dancing Master -'twas within a furlong of Edingoro' town 0:44
12. The Dancing Master -Portabella 1:13
13. The Dancing Master -The beaux stratagem 0:41
14. The Dancing Master -The tuneful nightingale 0:58
15. N.Matteis -Sonata 1:54
16. N.Matteis -Ground after the Scotcj humour 2:40
17. J.C. Pepusch -Prelude 1:43
18. D.Purcell -Sonata #Adagio 1:27
19. D.Purcell -Sonata #Largo 1:32
20. D.Purcell -Sonata #Allegro 1:12
21. D.Purcell -Sonata #Grave 1:17
22. D.Purcell -Sonata #Allegro II 1:06
23. W.Babell -Sonata #Adagio-Allegro-Allegro 3:15
24. W.Babell -Sonata #Adagio-Allegro 2:06
25. W.Babell -Sonata #Largo 1:14
26. W.Babell -Sonata #Presto 1:01
27. J.Loeillet of London -Sonata op.3 no.4 -Largo 2:28
28. J.Loeillet of London -Sonata op.3 no.4 -Poco allegro 2:26
29. J.Loeillet of London -Sonata op.3 no.4 -Adagio 2:19
30. J.Loeillet of London -Sonata op.3 no.4 -Allegro 1:03
31. J.Loeillet of London -Sonata op.3 no.4 -Presto 1:00
32. R.Valentine -Sonata #Grave 1:14
33. R.Valentine -Sonata #Allegro 0:48
34. R.Valentine -Sonata #Adagio 1:17
35. R.Valentine -Sonata #Allegro II 1:14

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