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Here is a list of all Offenbach albums, compilations and their versions that real people posted to various public data sources.

Albums 1 - 76 of about 76

Offenbach - 2

Tracks: 17, Disk length: 1h 9m 47s

Offenbach - 4

Tracks: 14, Disk length: 1h 6m 15s

Offenbach - Arias etc - Anne Sofie Von Otter

Tracks: 15, Disk length: 1h 10m 4s

Offenbach - Ballade Symphonique

Tracks: 36, Disk length: 1h 16m 3s

Offenbach - Barbe-Bleue - disco 1

Tracks: 14, Disk length: 55m 26s

Offenbach - Barbe-Bleue - disco 2

Tracks: 8, Disk length: 59m 56s

Offenbach - C'était plus qu'une aventure 1972-1985

Tracks: 16, Disk length: 1h 8m 41s

Offenbach - Coup De Foudre

Tracks: 10, Disk length: 38m 23s

Offenbach - Die Großherzogin von Gerolstein

Tracks: 24, Disk length: 60m 18s

Offenbach - En Fusion

Tracks: 8, Disk length: 35m 17s

Offenbach - Extraits

Tracks: 17, Disk length: 1h 5m 28s

Offenbach - Gaite Parisienne

Tracks: 3, Disk length: 48m 51s

Offenbach - Gaite Parisienne

Tracks: 13, Disk length: 59m 4s

Offenbach - Gaite Parisienne

Tracks: 16, Disk length: 1h 1m 43s

Offenbach - Gaîté Parisienne

Tracks: 36, Disk length: 1h 17m 18s

Offenbach - Highlights in English

Tracks: 10, Disk length: 48m 44s

Offenbach - Im Herzen der Klassik

Tracks: 16, Disk length: 1h 1m 43s

Offenbach - La Belle Helene

Tracks: 2, Disk length: 56m 29s

Offenbach - La Belle Hélène CD1

Tracks: 16, Disk length: 1h 6m 49s

Offenbach - La Gaité Parisienne

Tracks: 13, Disk length: 50m 59s

Offenbach - La Gaïté Offenbach cd1/2

Tracks: 25, Disk length: 1h 1m 7s

Offenbach - La Gaïté Offenbach cd2/2

Tracks: 11, Disk length: 54m 51s

Offenbach - La Grande Duchesse de Gerolstein

Tracks: 31, Disk length: 1h 7m 54s

Offenbach - La Grande Duchesse de Gerolstein

Tracks: 34, Disk length: 1h 16m 22s

Offenbach - La Grande Duchesse de Gerolstein - CD 2

Tracks: 15, Disk length: 1h 6m 58s

Offenbach - La Périchole 1/2

Tracks: 13, Disk length: 43m 15s

Offenbach - La Périchole 2/2

Tracks: 17, Disk length: 43m 12s

Offenbach - La grande duchesse de Gerolstein - Santa Fe

Tracks: 25, Disk length: 1h 11m 24s

Offenbach - La périchole

Tracks: 23, Disk length: 48m 42s

Offenbach - La vie parisienne

Tracks: 11, Disk length: 57m 44s

Offenbach - La vie parisienne (Disc 2)

Tracks: 11, Disk length: 45m 28s

Offenbach - Le dernier show au Forum

Tracks: 20, Disk length: 1h 14m 11s

Offenbach - Les 20 plus grands succès

Tracks: 20, Disk length: 1h 14m 7s

Offenbach - Les Brigands disc1-Gardiner

Tracks: 19, Disk length: 44m 34s

Offenbach - Les Brigands disc2-Gardiner

Tracks: 23, Disk length: 60m 34s

Offenbach - Les Contes D'Hoffmann, CD1

Tracks: 26, Disk length: 1h 16m 29s

Offenbach - Les Contes DHoffman disc2

Tracks: 17, Disk length: 1h 12m 38s

Offenbach - Les Contes DHoffman disc3

Tracks: 20, Disk length: 1h 13m 43s

Offenbach - Les Contes d'Hoffman

Tracks: 17, Disk length: 1h 7m 24s

Offenbach - Les Contes d'Hoffmann, CD2

Tracks: 28, Disk length: 1h 15m 47s

Offenbach - Les Fées du Rhin

Tracks: 12, Disk length: 1h 14m 57s

Offenbach - Les Incontournables: Blues

Tracks: 16, Disk length: 1h 7m 20s

Offenbach - Les Incontournables: Rock

Tracks: 16, Disk length: 60m 15s

Offenbach - Les contes d'Hoffmann 1

Tracks: 1, Disk length: 1h 13m 33s

Offenbach - Les contes d'Hoffmann 2

Tracks: 1, Disk length: 50m 44s

Offenbach - Les contes d'Hoffmann 3

Tracks: 1, Disk length: 41m 30s

Offenbach - Les contes d'Hoffmann 3

Tracks: 1, Disk length: 41m 36s

Offenbach - Les incontournables

Tracks: 14, Disk length: 1h 2m 40s

Offenbach - Les incontournables Rock de v'lour

Tracks: 16, Disk length: 1h 1m 19s

Offenbach - London Mozart Players

Tracks: 14, Disk length: 53m 53s

Offenbach - London Mozart Players

Tracks: 20, Disk length: 1h 10m 10s

Offenbach - Mästerlig underhållning

Tracks: 15, Disk length: 1h 12m 32s

Offenbach - Offenbach

Tracks: 9, Disk length: 31m 56s

Offenbach - Offenbach 1

Tracks: 16, Disk length: 1h 6m 3s

Offenbach - Offenbach 3

Tracks: 18, Disk length: 1h 10m 29s

Offenbach - Offenbach 5

Tracks: 22, Disk length: 1h 14m 26s

Offenbach - Offenbach 6

Tracks: 18, Disk length: 1h 12m 41s

Offenbach - Offenbach les grands succès Volume 2

Tracks: 17, Disk length: 1h 5m 6s

Offenbach - Orpheus in der Unterwelt

Tracks: 16, Disk length: 47m 6s

Offenbach - Rock Bottom

Tracks: 10, Disk length: 35m 4s

Offenbach - Rock O Rama

Tracks: 11, Disk length: 38m 2s

Offenbach - Tales of Hoffman (Les Contes d'Hoffman)

Tracks: 16, Disk length: 1h 1m 28s

Offenbach - Tales of Offenbach

Tracks: 20, Disk length: 60m 41s

Offenbach - Tales of Offenbach 2

Tracks: 23, Disk length: 60m 43s

Offenbach - The Great Composers Series Disk 40

Tracks: 16, Disk length: 1h 1m 45s

Offenbach - Tonne De Brick

Tracks: 11, Disk length: 43m 45s

Offenbach - Vive Offenbach

Tracks: 22, Disk length: 1h 12m 46s

Offenbach - Vive Offenbach

Tracks: 24, Disk length: 1h 4m 18s

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