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Perry Farrell, Song Yet to Be Sung CD cover artwork

Perry Farrell, Song Yet to Be Sung

Audio CD

Disk ID: 1109710

Disk length: 48m 42s (12 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 2001

Label: Unknown

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Tracks & Durations

1. Happy Birthday Jubilee 4:39
2. Song Yet To Be Sung 4:53
3. Did You Forget 4:09
4. Shekina 4:53
5. Our Song 4:21
6. Say Something 3:44
7. Seeds 3:47
8. King Z 3:31
9. To Me 2:59
10. Nua Nua 4:36
11. Admit I 4:23
12. Happy Birthday Jubilee (Reprise) 2:38

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Perry Farrell has always been an unconventional figure in music. His band Jane's Addiction fused punk and metal aggression with tripped-out Eastern melodies, becoming influential predecessors to future legions of modern alternative rockers. As the mastermind behind the huge left-of-the-dial Lollapalooza festival, he brought together some of the coolest names in rock, rap, metal, and punk for groundbreaking arena shows across the country. Never one to sit still, Farrell continues to test out new avenues for his creative musical energy, and nowhere is this more clear than on Song Yet to Be Sung. This album is Farrell's first full-length step into the electronic world he's inhabited for years as a DJ. He's fallen in love with the idea that two turntables can unite different cultures and take them to a higher place, and Song is a celebration of that spiritual elevation from the everyday. It's also a celebration of the Hebrew Jubilee, a time of renewal in which all burdensome ties are released in the name of community forgiveness. Musically, Song swirls different styles--downtempo, drum & bass, techno, dub, world, and a little rock--around a softer version of Farrell's signature wail. It's an upbeat mix that swells with optimism while generating a deep musical groove. Overall, Song shows Farrell as a musical Midas who continues to turn each new project he embarks on into gold. --Jennifer Maerz

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Song Yet to Be Sung

Tracks: 12, Disk length: 48m 44s (+0m 2s)

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