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Vaclav Neumann & Czech Philharmonic, Old Czech Marches And Dances CD cover artwork

Vaclav Neumann & Czech Philharmonic, Old Czech Marches And Dances

Audio CD

Disk ID: 1856605

Disk length: 48m 5s (11 Tracks)

Original Release Date: 1987

Label: Unknown

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Tracks & Durations

1. Utokem; kvapik op. 156/Attack; gallop, Op. 156 3:06
2. Valse revee 4:46
3. Bai-Kai-Lai; pochod/march 2:58
4. Jarabacek; pochod/march 2:55
5. Na stribropennem Labi; valcik/The Silber Elbe; waltz 8:27
6. Koline, koline; pochod/Kolin march 2:11
7. Zvuky fanfar; pochod op. 278/Fanfare sounds; march, Op. 3:35
8. Strycek Teddy; pochod op. 239/Uncle Teddy, march, Op. 23 4:55
9. Baletky; valcik op. 226/Ballerinas; waltz, Op. 226 8:16
10. Pod admiralskou vlajkou; pochod op. 82/Under The Admiral 3:41
11. Hercegovac; pochod op. 235/march, Op. 235 3:05

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Old Czech Marches and Dances

Tracks: 13 (+2 tracks), Disk length: 48m 47s (+0m 42s)

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