Playback controls

The playback controls are displayed at the left bottom corner of the Player. Use these controls to adjust the volume level and to control basic playback tasks such as playing, pausing, stopping, and seeking playback to a specific point.

The following table explains the function of each control.

Click To
Play button
Play a selected item. When an item is playing, the Play button becomes the Pause button.
Pause button
Pause a selected item. To resume play, click Play . When an item is not playing (that is, it is either paused or stopped), the Pause button becomes the Play button.
Stop button
Stop playing a selected item.
Previous button
Play the previous item, if applicable.
Next button
Play the next item, if applicable.
Mute button
Turn the sound on or off.
Volume slider
Control the volume level.
Seek slider
Play an item at a specific point. The Seek slider indicates the playback progress of a selected item. When the Seek slider is available, you can move the slider to the place in a selected item that you want to start playback.
Repeat button

Turn on or off repeat and/or shuffle. When shuffle is turned on, items in a playlist are played in a random order. When repeat is turned on, a playlist can be played repeatedly.