Tagging mp3 files faster

Tagging mp3 files may go faster if you would spend these 5 minutes and get to know more about some of the TagTuner features. The built-in tag editor as well as Internet based album information search can do tagging mp3 files faster.

Tagging mp3 files with Internet album information search

tagging mp3 files in two ways

You can skip the manual tags editing with search feature. For your convenience the album tags search can be performed in two ways. The first method is for the case when one folder contains tracks from only one mp3 album. Here you do not need to select any files, you just have to click Tools | Find Album Info | Entire Folder or press F3 shortcut key. However, if the folder contains tracks from some other mp3 albums you have to select files from only one needed album and click Tools | Find Album Info | Selected Files or press Ctrl+F3 shortcut key.

The search dialog that appears will make an attempt to connect to the TagTuner server. In case of successful result you will be offered several found albums similar to the one you required. Choose one of them to review the album cover artwork, title, song names, and genre before tagging your mp3 files.

At the same time you can rename the song names by clicking the Rename Files by Template checkbox, as well as change the tag case, just click the Tag Case button and select one of the automatic conversion modes.

After all has been set you just have to click the Write button to save the tags into the selected mp3 files.

Tagging mp3 files manually

You also can fill mp3 files with tags manually. TagTuner has an easy to use built-in tag editor. All you need is select the files you want to fill with tags, edit tags in the tag editor and save the changes. You can learn more about Tag Editor hereā€¦

You also can edit tags right in TagTuner File Browser or in Playlist and play your files simultaneously. To learn more, please read About editing media file tags in the online help.

Hope you will save a lot of time with TagTuner.

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