Rename Album Files with Media Tag Information

You can rename album files and their tag information faster. TagTuner provides two different tools to make renaming easy: the shortcut keys and the template editor. Let’s talk about it.

To rename album you need to browse a folder first

At first you need to browse for album that should be renamed in the File Browser tree. The File List at the File Browser right side shows you the content of selected folder. When an album with the meaningless file names is found you need to select tracks which should be renamed.

mp3 album before renaming

In case of one album per folder location it is enough to click Edit | Select All from the TagTuner menu or press Ctrl+A shortcut key to select all files in the folder. If you have several albums in the folder and do not want to rename all the tracks then please select the necessary tracks with the mouse. Use Shift key for range selection or Ctrl key for selecting tracks one-by-one.

Renamed mp3 album

Now you just have to rename the selected files. The first time you probably would want to choose your own file name format. To do that, click File | Rename | Rename By Template from the TagTuner main menu or press Ctrl+F6 shortcut key. In the appeared template editor select one of the listed templates or create your own one by typing it from the keyboard or using the Template Variables buttons. Do not forget to set this template as default by pressing the Set Default button. This will let you save your time the next time you want to rename files. Press the Rename button to rename the files. Next time you are able to use the specified template. To rename files by default template without calling out the Template Editor click File | Rename | Use Default Template or press F6 shortcut key.

Once discovered, the Rename feature lets you to rename album media files easy just through Ctrl+A and F6.

You can also rename album, search for cover and other album information simultaneously.

Some of the albums that Tagtuner can recognize...

For Lovers, Dreamers & Me - Un Lugar En Tu Corazón, Symphonic Adamo - 天頂的星, Back Up Train - Only You, Fresh Wine for the Horses - Kalapana II, White Christmas - Styne & Mine, Soultrane - Embouteillage (traffic jam), Keepin' It Cool - Il Silencio, The Understanding - Flesh of My Skin Blood of My Blood, Sunny Side Up - Check Out The Groove, White Ladder - The Middle Quartets, Sings Jewish Favorites - Between Two Fires, Nie Genug - Intuition, Keep The Faith Vol.#4 - Best of Underground Dance (Volume One), Nimrod - The Album Network - Tune Up #04, Kenny Burrell & John Coltrane - Madagascar - Das Original-Hörspiel zum Kinofilm, Never Take Friendship Personal - 20 super sucessos, Dreamlover - The Fi, Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches - Meditation, Chants for Great Lent, Different Class - Heavy On The Hammond, Going to California - STUDIO 42 - CD 2, Canzoni Per Me - Darum lieb' ich dich, Calendar Girls - Ihminen <-> Ihmiskunta, Multiplication Unplugged - Especial y Diferente, Thanks I'll Eat It Here - Vanilla Fudge, 30 #1 Hits - School Reunion - The Disco, Led Zeppelin III - But Anyway, The Real Thing - Marea Negra, Let the Freak Flag Fly - SUMMER DANCE 98, The Early Years - Hydroponic/Damni, A Real Dead One - When I'm Empty, Violator - Welcome 2 Tha Chuuch, Van Halen II - Tasty Big Ed (CDS2), Anastacia - The Super 70 Volume 2, Romanza - Dance - November 2005 (CD1), The Rising - Raging, Listen - Special Edition With The Shadows, Plays Metallica by Four Cellos - Warehouse Grooves 2, The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle - Got No Bread, No Milk, No Money But We Sure Got A Lot ofLove, Wild and Wicked - Live - Bag Full Of Boogie, Slidin' on the Frets: The Hawaiian Steel Guitar Phenomenon - Der Wanderer, Face Up - 爱的代价, Shepherd Moons - TRANCE-state of mind, Speak & Spell - 100 Greatest Original Oldies, Potemkin City Limits - Prima Folio, Klassiek voor kids - Mad About Bach, Home - SHOSTAKOVICH Symphony No.10 in E minor Op93, Midnight Lady - ÔÆÄÏÇéCD2, I Only Want to Be With You - Streichquartette Nr. 3 und 4, Be Here Now - Herbie G. Singt Weihnachtslieder, Love Actually - Ïðèíö è íèùèé (Äèñê 2)