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TagTuner is not just another MP3 tag editor or mp3 organizer. It is a real time-saver that reduces repetitive typing and speeds up the music collection tagging, file renaming and makes the complex operations easier. It can edit MP3 Id3v1 & Id3v2 tags, supports tags from the Apple Quick Time containers as well as Flac, Ogg, Windows Audio and Video file formats.

While making tag edits in different file types you will notice no difference between MP3, ASF or Apple’s AAC tags. However, TagTuner also supports the format-specific operations like MP3 tags synchronization. Remember, there is no difference if you are loking for MP3 tag editor or WMA tag editor - the interface will be the same.

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TagTuner takes you beyond repetitive typing and dramatically speeds up the creation of perfectly organized music library. Discover the industry-leading tools designed expressly to save more time when tagging music. The blazing level of automation in TagTuner means you spend more time enjoying your music collection.

Edit song tags like title, artist, album, track, genre and 20 other.


Mine album information from the folder and file names.

Find album information online and forget about manual typing.


Make complex tag editing easier with industry unique Macro support.

Standardize file names automatically using album information.


Rollback any actions and feel free to modify your collection.

WMA, OGG, Flac, M4p, M4a, MP4, ID3 MP3 Tag Editor.

Edit song tags

Make your digital music collection an example of perfect organization. Edit more than 20 basic tags at a time, fill your music files with cover artworks and lyrics. It's always easy, no matter whether you have one file or thousands, the Tag Editor is always close at hand. No extra dialogs or manual typing. You can copy & paste all tags or only specific ones. When you select several songs, Tag Editor collects all tag values in combo boxes, allowing you to spread the right tag value from one song to many others.

Sometimes you might make a few edits and decide you don't like them. TagTuner is the first music tag editor that offers you the undo feature. Simply choose Undo from the Edit menu and rollback the recent changes.

Since your music collection is constantly growing, well structured files and songs filled with complete information are the best way to find what you need in an instant.

Online album tags and cover artworks are searched by using hybrid FreeDB album and artist information lookup and Amazon album cover search at the same time.

Find album information online

Save your time with online album information search. Save even more time using industry leading level of automation - online information lookup, automatic album files and folder renaming along with tags and file names case transformation. Just imagine how a plain boring folder with meaningless file names is suddenly filled with tags, album covers, and the files get proper names that you prefer, and all this at the touch of a button.

Mass automatic music files renaming. Can rename ID3 MP3, WMA, OGG, Flac, M4p, M4a, MP4 files by generating meaningful names from the tags.

Standardize file names

Use song tags to build meaningful file names for your music collection. Make your own file naming rules for casual albums, compilation CDs and album folders. Then apply them with one click, or use them bundled with Online Album Information Search.

Making file naming rules is easy with the Template Editor real-time preview. When you are creating a rule, you'll be able to see how the file name will look once it's changed.

Audio file tags extractor. Get tags for ID3 MP3, WMA, OGG, Flac, M4p, M4a, MP4 files by splitting apart their file names.

Extract tags from the file names

Every portion of information can be used to tag your music, including file names. TagTuner comes with easy-to-use crisp logic tag extraction tool. Left to Right – that is everything you need to know to use it.

Just tell TagTuner how it should interpret the parts of the selected file names. Which part is a tag you want to extract and what you want to ignore. You also can mine useful information from the folder name, or even jump up to virtually any parent folder to get the tags.

Complex tags manipulation automator. Run batched operations for most commonly used ID3 MP3, WMA, OGG, Flac, M4p, M4a, MP4 tags.

Make complex tag editing easier

Use Macros for assigning shortcut keys to most commonly used tag editing commands. You can gather up any number of commands into one Macro. Set simple tag values, like adding comments or setting a Compilation CD flag on, swap tags, and collect a certain tag from other tags using a very simple logic: A=B+C


Rollback any actions

When making your music collection look perfect you go through certain edits, but sometimes you might think that the last edits were not necessary or you just pushed the wrong button, and that's where the Undo feature comes in handy. You can roll back your last changes rather than having to retype the needed information.

Try this unique feature in the free trial version now!

TagTuner build-in media plaBuild-in player for ID3 MP3, WMA, OGG, Flac, M4p, M4a, MP4 file formats.

Play while tagging

Use build-in player or third parties and have some extra comfort. The build-in player enables you to play all of the supported audio formats while tagging. Explore HotTunes with which you can set the global shortcut keys for your most favorite playlists. Choose playlists that fit your current mood with one keystroke.

Prefer award wining Winamp player? TagTuner is the only music tag editor that intellectually controls Winamp player. When you tag a file that is currently played in Winamp, TagTuner will pause and then resume the playback. No file sharing violation errors anymore and your active Winamp playlist will be updated every time you rename files in TagTuner.

Some of the albums that Tagtuner can recognize...

And You Shall Be a Blessing - Zavinagi, The Weed Tree - Almarische Liada und a Musi 3, One Moment More - Tonada para un querer, Chicago Sings: Gospel's Greatest Hymns, Vol. 1 - Celtic Music, Out of the Cool - Back To Back, Night Beat - Jazz It Up, The Look of Love - Rainy Nights, Smokey Cafés, and You..., Psycho Magnet - P'ro que der e vier, Autobahn - Glücklich, Twisted Christmas - Offensive?, Adrenalin Techno Rush - Super Instrumental 13, Hollywood - Latino Summermix, The Lexicon Of Love - Jazz & Bass Session II (Disc 2), Jagged Little Pill - Lenne, Another Minute - Berlitz German Today CD2, Truthfully Speaking - Älskade Barnvisor av Astrid Lindgren, Si Tu Me Miras - Quero Paz, Get Rich or Die Tryin' - Come Back To Me, Fever - Volume 13 - The Lucky Issue, 16 Most Requested Songs - The Gift of Love (The Wedding Collection), Selection of Billie Holiday - Patlabor Theme Collection Vol. 2, Anthology - Off Yer Nut - To the Max (Disc 5 of 6), In a Mellow Tone - Canciones para gente niña, About Time - Øàáàäàáàäà, The Very Best of UB40 1980-2000 - Razão, Death of a Salesman - Collection, Vol. 1, Space Oddity - Chrome Addicts, No Ordinary World - Hit Groupies, Medusa - The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2), Burn - La Vida, Load - Dennis, Achtung Baby - 'neath the dark of fuses blown, Beautiful Garbage - Pure Rock 1976, Sabotage - The Chicago And Frisco Bootlegs, Hot in the Shade - Birthday Party 2002 (CD2), The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion - Maximum Dance Mix Vol. 3, SWAX - Get into something, Columbia Records 1958-1986 - Angel With A Lariat, Self Portrait - Paint It Blue: The Songs Of The Rolling Stones, Fulfillingness' First Finale - Praise & Worship 2001, Songs About Jane - Pedro Arevalo & Friends, The Massacre - Clubber's Guide Vol. 1 (Disc 1), East of the Full Moon - Sedimental Journey, The Very Best of UB40 1980-2000 - Maria Hauser Lieder, The Reason - Beethoven Violin cto, Mozart Violin cto No. 4, Musique Classique - A Musical Heritage, Piano Reflections - MUSIQUE de BALLET, Titanic - Wojciech Kilar, Willow - Tequila Sunrise, Good Morning Vietnam - Transistor Radio