About editing media file tags

TagTuner lets you edit tags in many different ways. You can choose the most convenient one that fits the situation. You are enabled to edit tags right in the File List when you browse the files, inside the Playlist while listening to your music collection, or use the built-in Tag Editor.

In the File List and Playlist you can edit single tags faster. Each of the media file tags has its own column that can be showed or hidden through the settings.

The Tag Editor allows editing several tags at once as well as editing tags for hundreds of files, loading album's artwork and lyrics, adding comments and more. You also can remove the tags from the media files. To learn more, read About Tag Editor.

Instead of typing the common tags like Album Title, Artist Name, Song Name and etc. manually you can try to get album information from the Internet. You need to have all album songs to retrieve this information properly. To learn more, read About album recognition and artwork search.