Getting album info from the Internet

An album with empty tags such as Album Title, Artist and Song Name etc. can be recognized through Internet search and will be well filled with appropriate tags. You can also find the album cover pictures, the release year, genre and add your personal comments as well as simultaneously rename the song files and album folder in your favorite format.

Album information search is based on songs playback time, so you need to have all the songs from the album. To make your work comfortable the recognition feature has two modes. The following table explains the difference between the modes.

Click To
Get album info or search for artwork if current folder contains all the album songs and does NOT contain any songs from other albums.
Get album info or search for artwork for selected files. Note that the files order must match the original disc tracks order.

After you have pressed one of the buttons listed in the table above, the recognition dialog will try to connect the server and will make an attempt to find similar albums and their corresponding artworks.

If the search had been successful you will be enabled to choose one of the offered albums from the list above, look through and edit the search results, and if needed, specify the additional settings.

To edit a song name:

  • Select a song from the list.
  • Press F2 or click on the cell second time to begin editing or just type your own version of the name.

You can also automatically change the tags case using the Tag Case button drop-down menu and rename the song files and folders with one of your favorite templates. Between the application launchings TagTuner saves your settings to make the following operations quicker.

After you have reviewed all the dialog fields, press Write to save the changes.