Shortcut keys and HotTunes

You can use your keyboard to quickly accomplish many tasks in TagTuner Player. To enable the shortcut keys go to Options | Global Hotkeys | and select Enable Global Hotkeys checkbox.

With HotTunes you can assign the Global Hotkeys to your favorite playlists to switch between them quickly. To set up your favorite playlists go to Options | HotTunes and select the lists. Note that to use HotTunes the Global Hotkeys must be enabled.

To find the shortcuts for common commands, see the table below.

Shortcut key Action
Ctrl+Alt+Insert Play a selected item.
Ctrl+Alt+Home Pause a selected item.
Ctrl+Alt+End Stop playing a selected item.
Ctrl+Alt+Page Up Play the previous item, if applicable.
Ctrl+Alt+Page Down Play the next item, if applicable.
Ctrl+Alt+Up Increase the volume level on 10%
Ctrl+Alt+Down Decrease the volume level on 10%
Ctrl+Alt+F1 Exicute HotTunes playlist number 1
Ctrl+Alt+F2 Exicute HotTunes playlist number 2
Ctrl+Alt+F3 Exicute HotTunes playlist number 3
Ctrl+Alt+F4 Exicute HotTunes playlist number 4
Ctrl+Alt+F5 Exicute HotTunes playlist number 5

You can also redefine the Global Hotkeys with your own.

Many items in TagTuner (songs, column headings) also have contextual menus. To see a contextual menu, click the item using the right mouse button.