Renaming album folder with media tag information

This article describes how to bring your digital music collection to a single and convenient format. Use quick folder renaming feature to make informative folder names from the file information inside them.

Suppose you have a number of albums in separate folders and you want the folder names to carry information about these albums in the most informative format. TagTuner provides two features to make renaming easy: the shortcut keys and the template editor.

To rename a folder using the song tags information you have to select al least one file from this folder.

First you need to browse for folder that should be renamed in the File Browser tree. The File List at the File Browser right side shows you the content of selected folder. Select one ore several files from the File List. The information from the file tags will be used to form the folder name.

Rename Folder button

After the file is selected you can rename the folder. The first time you will have to open the template editor so you can select one of the predefined templates or create your own. To do this click File | Rename Current Folder then click Rename By Template or press the Ctrl+F7 shortcut key.

In the Template Editor select one of the existing templates or create your own by using the Template Variables buttons. You can learn more about making templates if you read the Template Editor article from the Online Help.

After you have selected a template make it a default one by clicking the Set Default button. This will allow applying your template in future with one shortcut key stroke. Press the Rename button to rename folder.

Folder Renaming options

Now to rename folders by using the default template you just need to select files from the folder you want to rename and press File | Rename Current Folder | Use Default Template or the F7 shortcut key.

The rename folder function has additional settings that make it more flexible. To learn about extra abilities Click Tools | Options then go to Automation page and then to Folder Renaming.

In short it means the following. TagTuner feels the difference whether you have selected one file or several files at once. It could be useful if you want your folder names to reflect aggregated information about the tracks inside. For example: total playback duration, average bit rate, artists list (if the present album is a compilation) and etc. To try this feature select all files in a folder by clicking Edit | Select All from the TagTuner menu or press Ctrl+A shortcut key and open the Template Editor repeating the steps described above. Then try to add the duration or bit rate variables to your current template and see the results in the Preview area. When you found a fitting combination just click the Rename button.

Once discovered, the Rename Album Folder feature lets you to rename folders easy just through Ctrl+A and F7.

You can also rename album files and folder, search for cover artworks and other album information simultaneously using the Find Album Info feature.

Some of the albums that Tagtuner can recognize...

Tape From California - Ein Shem Acher, Legs to Make Us Longer - Tapt uskyld, Ys - Garrison White, Best of Gemini - Travelin', Ways Not to Lose - SHEFFIELD JAZZ, Outward Bound - ¤Úµ²­µ¼Ö, Things Are Getting Better - Anfass, No Frills - Are You Jimmy Ray?, The Immaculate Collection - It's Electric - Classic Hits From An Electric Era, Famous Blue Raincoat - Les plus grands succès, Last Rights - Deixa A Outra, Man Mountain - Spirit Of Jazz, United - Mwangaza, Super Trouper - To Hell With You (single), Blemish - The Great Escape (disc 2), Exile on Coldharbour Lane - Du vent dans les bronches de Feydier-Paulhac, All Time Hits - Caramel (Single), Your Perfect Wedding - Best of 97, Felt Mountain - Die Frechsten Chansons aus dem alten Frankreich, You All Look the Same to Me - 地 TOP 1996 瓣粂布┬羆玜瓁, Plural - Charm Ballads, Esquinas - Musik für die Seele - Klassische Gitarre, Scissor Sisters - Auch das ist Weihnacht, Tarantism - The Best Of Soul Volume 1, Hot Fuss - The Nught Watch-Live 1973 (Disc 2), Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass) - Finalement, Bring on the Funk - Die Interessanten, Frankenchrist - The Fragile - Right, Best of Poison Idea - Platinum (Disc 2), 18 - One Step Am RIng, Headless Cross - Innocence, Third Eye Blind - Bricks Like These, Trompe le Monde - Tell Me What U Know, Unplugged (The Official Bootleg) - Airless, Blizzard of Ozz - Love And Be Loved, Pinkerton - New life, White City - Out There: The Future Of Prog Rock, Secret Society - The Legend of the Amaron Indians, Wide Open Spaces - Pain It Blue - The Songs Of The Rolling Stones, Paris Blue - Rencontre, Hoodoo Lady (1933-1937) - Prime Suspect for the Blues, Disintegration - S/t, Thief - Chiaroscuro, Breathe - Ludovico Einaudi - LaScala: Concert 03 03 03 CD 2/2, Missa Dei Filii/Litaniae Lauretanae - Symphony Nr. 3 u.a., DG Sampler - Mass ib B Minor, Voices - Song Of Praise, Memories - Pictures at an Exhibition, No Soy de Nadie - OPEN YOUR HEART, Life of Brian - Unleashing The Idea Virus - Disc 2