Search for album cover, artist name, and song titles along with renaming album files

TagTuner can search for album information like album title, artist name, song names etc. as well as search for album cover images. This feature uses a hybrid searching algorithm through the TagTuner web server.

In the current version you need to have all the album tracks placed in one folder because the searching process is performed by sending the track lengths to a server. Just like it is mentioned in the renaming files article, first you have to select the folder with your RIPed album tracks.

Search for album cover and tags

For your convenience the album information and cover search can be performed in two ways. The first method is for the case when one folder contains tracks from only one album. Here you do not need to select any files, you just have to click Tools | Find Album Info | Entire Folder or press F3 shortcut key. However, if the folder contains tracks from some other albums you have to select files from only one needed album and click Tools | Find Album Info | Selected Files or press Ctrl+F3 shortcut key.

The search dialog that appears will make an attempt to connect to the TagTuner server. In case of successful result you will be offered several found albums similar to the one you required. Choose one of them to review the album name, song names, genre and the cover. You can also load your own cover image. For example an image received from the scanner.

At the same time you can rename files and folder by clicking the Rename Files by Template or the Rename Folder by Template checkboxes, as well as change the tag case, just click the Tag Case button and select one of the automatic conversion modes.

After all has been set you just have to click the Write button to save the received information.

Some of the albums that Tagtuner can recognize...

Bookends - Nio liv, The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan - Los Años Dorados, The Other Side - À̶¥À§¿¡ »ç¶ûÀ» 2, Chico Total - Die Legende Avsenik CD -2-, Healing - SUMMER REMINISCENCE, It's Monk's Time - Gold Collection [Dejà vu], West Coast Coolin' - The Complete Lester Young Studio Sessions on Verve (Disc One), Lose Yourself - A Música Brasileira Deste Século Por Seus Autores E Intérpretes, Significant Other - Heimatabend mit dem Jodelsepp vom Tegernsee und den Hubertus-Buam, Laundry Service - Million Dollar Habits - Disc 5, Mirror Mirror - Live in Florence (1999/07/24) CD2, Tornero - 5'nizza, Hot Shot - Going To A Party, Ether - Compilation, Ex Fan des Sixties - Weiss.Mix, The Best of Branigan - The Finest Moments of Mukesh, Deaf Dumb Blind - Müggenpark, Ghetto Rich - ÖùôéÜ Óôéò Íý÷ôåò - CD1, Almanaque - 100 Años de Música RCA - CD 1, Peckin' Party - HitDisc 52, Heart of Darkness - THE VERY BEST OF TEMPTATIONS & FOUR TOPS, In the Mood - Kralovstvi pohadek - 4, Grady Lives on Planet Grady - The beat of the pops vol. 4, Like the Deserts Miss the Rain - Tapes 1992-1997 (12/20), The Academy in Peril - The best of S Club 7 & friends ( cover version), Pure Ballads - 2000-05-23, Grand Opera House, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Love and the Russian Winter - More Betterness, From Now On - Up To You, Mercury Falling - Top Hits of the 70s - Mega Hits, Once in a Livetime - Live At Joe's Pub, Tormato - Oldies, Nevermind - New Times 2000, Gangsta's Paradise - Wer Hätte Das Gedacht?, Watermark - Immer du, Temple of the Dog - Something So Wild CD single, Reveal - Friction, Pilgrimage - GD 74-10-19-Winterland, Rockabilly Blues - Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels The Gram Parsons Anthology, Songbird - Neznámý, Devils & Dust - The Story of Swing, Move - Bluenote Vol.3, Piano One - Bocsoda, Under the Pink - Horizons - 12 Dreamhouse Anthems, Cali Iz Active - Geistliche und weltliche chormusik, John Field - The Complete Nocturnes - Beethoven - Klavierkonzerte 3 & 4, The Piano - Masterpiece Bach, American Premieres - Emi et Archambault Célèbrent 100 ans CD, Holiday Musik - Them codes...them codes, Le Clavier bien tempéré - Violent (by 6eny), Favoritas de las Princesas de Disney - Toy Story (Nederlands)